Wednesday, March 23, 2011

no trust no treat,no love to exchange!

i cant control dis world anymore..(like b4 dis penah la kan)haha
why i said so,it is bcos...i'm losing what i have and what ive been working on...
its wht i called a relationship..well i noe pep's will said..c'mon its not the end of world yet!
haha..i cn only laugh..and smile, grinning..its inside that bleeds..
wht else can i do???thinkinggg..a lot of thinkinnggg..bored!!well u believe that he will chnge for the sake of ME???
he said he's chnging for ME..hurmm...
well now diffrnt story..
its like i'm the one who looks like a LOSER!he blame me!yeesss me!
but why?bcos i didnt treat him well and didnt undrstnd his feelin..
!!listen to me..i've told him b4..hey u man!u are a liar!u hurt me!!dont u realise...
(somethng like dat)
no trust to treat,no love to exchnge..simple like that..
n now i felt guilty,he loosing his focus as he lose me and destroying his future as he said!
hurmm..entah la..i can only pray..God keep him in the safe hands,guide him,shower him wif your blessing..amin~

p/s:that pic was past a year..mse dolu2 la tga hangat berchenta bagai nk rak kaannn..haha
well guys learned from mistake ok!!chill~~~

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